“I called Claudia at the recommendation of a fellow business owner. My company had recently hit the Inc 500 Fastest
Growing Companies list, but internally that growth had left us a mess. We were short on cash, the culture was full of drama and I didn’t even know where to start fixing it. Claudia flew in the next week….Within 12 months, we’d driven our sales activity from 60% of standard to 96%, increased our average fee by 6%, serviced an equal number of clients with half the staff, cut our overhead per employee by 25% and increased our revenue per employee by 60% during the biggest downturn in our local economy in 30+ years….Working with Claudia is not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for a counselor or a cheerleader, she’s not that. She’ll push you to get the results and DO what you say you will do. She truly cares for the leaders she chooses to work with, and that care is shown through her determination to help you get your results by holding you as the owner to a higher standard.”

Dixie Agostino

SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CPC, CEO, Switchgear

“There is only a handful of people that cross your path in a life time that have such profound impact on you that you are never the same; for me Claudia is one of those people. my wife Laura and I, had been struggling for quite some time to grow our business. In only one day, Claudia was able to clearly identify the problems we had, on a business and personal level; Claudia's true gift was able to read between the lines, she was able to see what was not being spoken aloud. For me, personally, Claudia was able to express how I felt about my business but was afraid to express openly.

It's taken some time for my wife and I to put her advice into action, and ever since, we have more than doubled our revenue, and on track to triplicate our growth. The hard work that we put in has been so worth it but without Claudia's coaching we would've been stuck in a path of unhappiness and frustration.”

Thank you Claudia!

Justin Oldaker

CEO, Your SIde Senior Care

“Claudia Zanes is the epitome of the national growth of Latinas in the small business arena. Her drive, commitment and continued education toward excellence paired with her value set to help others is a keen example of Paying It Forward. Hispanic Women's Corporation HWC is proud of you, Claudia!”

Linda Mazon

Hispanic Women’s Corporation

"Claudia is inspiring, her unique story of perseverance and path to success is motivational in nature; a testimony that everything is possible when you put your heart and mind to it"

Mary Rábago

President & CEO of Mary Rabago Productions, LLC

Claudia Zanes is one of a kind. She is a Latina Women who has built herself her own business in this crazy time where the world puts labels on people. When I first saw her I couldn't believe there was a Latina that successful. Growing up I never had someone to look up too that looked like me. She didn't let
stereotypes put her down but broke them by going against them. Latinas are not in the top of the chain of leaders. But here Claudia Zanes is at the top.

When I heard her story about her path to success I was amazed at how despite having little education she took the role of being a business leader. With all her success Claudia said that she wish she would of spent time more with family and taken care of her health. I am very blessed to know her to learn from her mistakes and listen to her advice. Glad I have her to look up too. Latinas are the Future! I love how us Latinas have this bond because we understand how it feels to be us.

Yudidt Nonthe Sanchez

College Student at Mesa Community College

I haven’t known Claudia for very long I, but it took me only 15 min of hearing her speak to trust and admire her. Claudia has an amazing and unique way of connecting with women. Her story of success is one that comes from the heart and motivates women to believe and work for themselves. Being a news anchor for many years, I have had the privilege of meeting many hard working women, but very few have the power to inspire you to take action and work for your dream.

Claudia is to me, a woman to treasure and have by your side, her advice is so great and powerful that it would be very
difficult to put a price on.

I recommend you listen and learn from her, and have every woman around you do the same, our world deserves more
successful women and Claudia can help you to be one of them.

Angelica Atondo

Author of 2 Books, Entrepreneur and Television Personality