Hello, I’m Claudia Zanes – serial entrepreneur and successful CEO turned business fixer.  I’m an advanced business diagnostician and strategist. I’ll help you fix your business and deliver radically better results to your customers, your employees, your community and yourself.

As CEO of my partner’s legal practice, I created and executed the business strategies that made it one of Arizona’s leading personal injury practices in just 10 years.  With me
winning business and Doug winning cases, we’ve been able to build a great business
and make strong community contributions.  Then I started helping others make their
businesses thrive and discovered my true passion!

When I stepped in to leadership at Zanes Law, I knew I had a lot to learn.  At first I tried to do it by myself – but I quickly found out that was both hard work and very expensive. So I went out and learned from the best CEOs in multiple industries how to build a massively successful business. Now I use that knowledge along with my insight and on-the-ground experience to help others achieve the same results.

It’s time to stop worrying and turn your dreams into reality. I’ll help you solve your
marketing, cash flow and people problems – FAST! My expertise and your passion will enable you to build and deliver smarter strategies that create massively improved results.

What cash investment would turn your good business into a great business?

Do you have a profitable small business that’s ready to expand – but you can’t access investment funding?

What’s the size of the cash injection that would let you:

  • Expand your marketing process and capability so you can grow to your full potential?
  • Turn an expansion opportunity into an exciting, profitable business reality?

Could a partnership with an experienced Angel Investor take your business
to the next level?


As a successful entrepreneur, I obtained growth capital the hard way – through the rigorous process of winning bank finance for our rapidly growing law practice.

The process is difficult, it’s time-consuming, it’s highly regulated and all too often it asks you to put way too much on the line to get the money you need to grow.

I’ve mastered the practices and processes of making money in business.  I haven’t just done it with one company, I’ve made it a repeatable, profitable process – and a whole lot of fun.
These days, I’m having even more fun sharing both what I have and what I know – including cash – in the form of investment capital as an Angel Investor.

Angel Investing has been around for centuries. It sent spice traders to Asia and built railroads across America.  It’s been part of the success of (once) small businesses like Amazon, Starbucks and Apple.

Heck! Why not you and your business?


Do you qualify for my investment opportunity?

You already have some revenue, but need cash to kick it up to the next level.  You can see the potential to expand, but you need money to make it happen.

If this is you and you can:

  • Prove you’re already profitable
  • Capture my imagination quickly
  • Demonstrate that you understand what an angel investor provides and how the process works
  • Provide an airtight business plan for your expansion
  • Demonstrate good business processes, systems and practices
  • Cheerfully work through a thorough due diligence process (because I will)  Then you’ve passed the first test.

I am willing to invest thousands of dollars in the right small businesses. I’m seeking businesses in interesting industries, run by passionate, disciplined innovative visionaries who are looking beyond today to create a positive, prosperous future for their families and their communities.

What do you need to know before you apply?

Here are some basics:

  • My terms are flexible.
  • I can and will contribute my experience and knowledge.  It’s my money and I want it to be well used.
  • I have a wealth of contacts, support and strategies that will help your business grow at least as much
    as the money will.
  • I am investing for the long term, seeking long term results. I know that business is a process,
    so I won’t limit your results with onerous up-front monthly charges.
  • I have a preference for interesting industries making innovation happen – but I’m open to any
    good idea.
  • Finally, I care.  I care, about you, your purpose , your business and your community.

Why am I doing this?

I’ve worked hard all my life and my success has come from both my hard work AND the support of family, friends, teachers and mentors. Of course I’m looking for a good return – but  I am now at a point where making a contribution is just as important as financial success.  When I look back, I can see that I’ve actually been doing this all my life – I’m just taking it to a new level.   I’ve had help and support in doing the work to make my life and my business successful.  Now it’s my gift to give.

What support do you need to grow your business impact?